20 May 2018: World Metrology Day

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In 2018, four of the seven units in our measurement system will have their definition changed.

On the occasion of this evolution of international references, the METRODIFF association invites you now to co-build a set of events of scientific and metrological mediation in Ile de France, Occitanie and around the world.

The Decimal Metric System and the Declaration of Human Rights were born in the Enlightenment. A universal common good, metrology, or the science of measurement, is considered as a universal language in science and technology. It is used by all in everyday life. Trade, medicine, environment and infrastructures need measurements and therefore metrology.

The fundamental notion of uncertainty is an essential basis of trust and tolerance in trade of all kinds.

Metrology, the bedrock of all science and technology, is a tool of common sense essential to distinguish what is from what is not, in other words to be able to discern a truth from a lie, a verifiable information from a fake new.

Initiatives around the world

Metrology as you go along

Daily metrology needs you! You have any ideas? You wish to participate? Do you want to value your mediation actions? You aspire to share the knowledge of measures, of measurement?

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Agenda in Île de France

  • May-October: mobilization of partners, renovation of the website, co-construction of the project “Metrology as we go along”, production of teaching supports, communication about metrology
  • October 2018 – May 2019: continuation of activities
    • October 2018 : workshops, conferences, debates
    • 20 may 2019 : conclusion of Île de France projects (first part)

Agenda in Occitanie

  • 6 october 2018 : inauguration of the exhibition on measurement at the Musée de la Mine in Cagnac-les-Mines
    • 9h30 – 12h30 : Metrology Awareness Workshop “Learning to Measure”; the workshop, led by professionals, will seek to understand the fundamental rules of metrology. Practice: calibrate a line ruler, measure time or temperature. Exchange: evolution of the SI, references, standards. Other areas, such as indicators, surveys and ratings will also be discussed.
    • 13h30 – 15h : measurement practice workshops; young people, parents and school students, accompanied by professionals, discover and practice the importance of the fundamental notions of the metrological culture: standards, references, uncertainty of measurement, construction of a scientific approach…
    • 15h30 : inaugural conference “the right measure” by Marie-Ange COTTERET, President of the Metrodiff association
  • 8 october 2018 14h – 17h : practice workshops measuring at Musée Lapérouse in Albi